webMethods components for particular use case

Could you please help me to understand what the main components are I need to install for application Integration using webMethods as I can see so many components are there.

Initially I have installed the webMethods integration server only, but I think I need to install some more components as well like (API etc…) We are going to implement a new project where we will use application (Adobe AEM, Pega, Alfresco) and oracle 19c databse and from integration side we will use Software AG product ( webMethods) .
Highly appreciated if you can guide me about the most common components used for this kind of integration.

You are not approaching this the right way.

One must not install “common” products/components, and wait for a requirement to pop up - your integration layer will become bloatware. You wouldn’t buy doors, windows, pipe fittings, electric cables, furniture and then build a house around them.

Approach this like you would approach any development project -

  1. WHY - Understanding why you are executing this project, i.e., the business purpose or the problem you’re trying to solve

  2. WHAT - Identify and understand the peripheral applications you must integrate (Alfresco, Pega, Oracle database, etc., like you’ve mentioned)

  3. HOW - Understand what the peripheral applications offer as integration protocols (HTTP/S, JDBC, File-based, Messaging, etc.)

  4. WHEN - What are your milestones and deadlines for this project?
    Often, people put the WHEN before the HOW, due to stakeholder pressure, which leads to compromises across design, reusability, performance, and also introduces technical debt, so avoid that pitfall.

I’ve kept my response generic and concise to get you started on the thought process, but do understand that this is an incredibly broad discussion point.

Typical ESB - Having said all that, in a typical ESB environment, one would have these products in the order listed below -

  • Integration Server
  • Designer (IDE for developers)
  • Adapters (corresponding to the peripheral application)
  • Universal Messaging
  • My webMethods Server
  • Command Central

In addition, there is a multitude of additional products you may use such as Optimize, Terracotta, etc., and also components such as BPMS, Local Service Development, Trading Networks, Unit Test Framework, etc., depending on what your solution requires.

Perhaps now you can see the complexity in answering your question :slight_smile:



Excellent points @Venkata_Kasi_Viswanath_Mugada1, in addition to these, I think the on-premise installation versus cloud is also becoming very relevant these days. This of course brings in a lot more aspects to think about including availability, cost factor and many more.

A highly complex question indeed.


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Increasingly, so NP - you are right about the infrastructure.

With the permutations and combinations available at our disposal, one can write a thesis :sweat_smile:


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