webMethods can't get different results by inputting for different fields in the same SAP adapter

In the SAP client, we can get different results by inputting for different structures in the same RFC, I try to create two SAP adapters in webMethods 9.12 to select different request and reply fields, but I always get the same result when I test it in diffrent packages even in different servers, please kindly help me, thanks!

Hi Alyn,

Can you share the screenshot of the RFC service calling, and what parameters you’ve supplied to the service during invocation?

For those optional parameters of the RFC service, you need to instantiate the document list(array), to get the response fill up back into that.

It’s stated that:

Important: If the execution of the RFC adapter service requires additional access rights or if the adapter service should be executed with a specific SAP user account, you can override the SAP default user and provide the user name and password of a different SAP user account as parameter $user and $pass in the pipeline. These parameters must be set in the pipeline before the adapter service is invoked.

Important: If an optional table is not passed to an RFC adapter service, no values will be returned for that table. To ensure that the optional table gets returned from the SAP system, in your calling service you need to ensure that a value is set at the input signature of the RFC adapter service you want to call. For example, you call an adapter service named TCC_MSS_GET_ERRORLOG from a wrapper flow service. This adapter service contains an optional table called LOGLIST. To pass this table, click Set Value for this parameter.

Also can you share your fix level for WmART, WmSAP and also the JCo/IDoc version?