WebMethods Broker8 compatability and broker cluster query

We have a query regarding the webMethods Broker8.X compatibility with older versions of webMethods Integration Server. Can webMethods Integration server 7.1.2 and IS 6.5 communicate/exchange documents via Broker 8.X seamlessly? Also can two Broker 8.X environments soft clustered in Active/Active mode for failover and load balancing without the need for external loadbalancer?

Also if it’s possible to have 2 Broker 8.X environments configured in soft cluster mode, can these 2 brokers reside on different OS level say one broker 8.x hosted on linux and the other on HP Unix platform. Can you pls. clarify/confirm/share any experience regarding this.

Hi, regarding 6.5 this is possible. We use broker 8.2 on our 6.5 IS environment with no issues. Regarding the cluster we chose an active / passive solution with windows failover cluster