webmethods broker cluster operating without HP Security Guard


My team has proposed the following broker clustering solution:

The solution will consist of an active/passive webM broker cluster with a shared SAN box and both will read from the same WMdata folder location. The SAN will be initially mounted to the active broker. HP Service Guard will be used to monitor the broker cluster solution. If the active broker fails, HP service guard will automatically unmount the SAN WMdata folder from the active broker and mount it to the passive broker.

My team is wondering if the webMethods cluster can be configured to perform the unmounting/mounting process by itself without having the need to implement the HP Service Guard software. Is this possible? If so how can this be achieved?

Please let me know if additional details are required.


Third-party cluster management software is required for clustering Broker. In the past, implementing a Broker cluster that will be supported by tech support has required a Professional Services engagement. That may have changed recently but you may want to double-check.

We use the default Windows clustering for clustering Broker and it works perfectly fine! Windows clustering does the fail-over if one node goes down.