WebMethods Broker 6 (High Availablity Option)

Has anyone successfully done hardware clustering of Broker v6.0 on Sun? I cannot find any documents on v6.0 Sun Cluster and also cluster scripts were not installed when we installed Broker. Although GEAR6 High Availablity mentions install guide for Broker High Availablity Option on SUn Cluster.

Any ideas where to get those!!

Hi, the document and the scripts exists, but you have to request to webMethods.

The scripts do exist at webMethods PS however, you may (more than likely) need to modify them at some level. The start, stop and ping scripts we basically copied from the older versions of the ES HA option, so pay close attention to directories and other changes that may have happened.

We have successfully configured and tested the Broker 6.0.1 HA option…now comes the fun part and configuring the IS to operate in a similar HA environment!

We have done both the Broker and IS server using Veritas Clustering. WB PS did provide an agent for the Broker but it turns out we couldn’t use it, so we wrote our own. Nothing fancy but it works. The IS piece was a little tricky but it works as well. You can probably use some shell scripts along with knowing the right return codes Sun Cluster is looking for and be successful.



Could you please send me the document on IS clustering with Veritas,
I had talked to WMPS they said it can be done but not supported by WM,

Could you please send it to me.


Unfortunately there are no documents for clustering the IS with Veritas.