webMethods Baan Adapter 1.5 Support


Is webMethods Baan Adapater 1.5 latest adapter , after that any adapter is developed my webMethods ? is any webMethods Baan adapter development in cess? why I am asking this question becuase as per webMethods Baan Adpater user Guid, it seems that webMethods still supporting Baan Connect Kit (BCK) BOI’s, which was very old version. As per Baan they are stop the supporting the BCK. They released the Openworld based BOI’s and they asking there customer to move openworld rather than using BCK. This type of changes are coming at Baan side. Then webMethods has any plan to develope new adapter to support the Baan Open world based BOI’s? Please give me more if you any thing about this.



Because of Baan’s position on not supporting the Baan Connect Kit, the webMethods Baan Adapter is not Generally Available and is in General Support.

webMethods does not currently have plans to build a Baan OpenWorld adapter due to low demand for it. We will continue monitoring demand and will share any new Baan adapter plans as soon as we have them.


Don Sargent
Sr. Product Manager
webMethods Adapter Technologies Team