webmethods b2b server as an NT service

Is there a way to run the B2B server(3.6) as an NT/W2k service after the installation. (I know it gives the option while installing). I was hoping some change in the startup script…or something like that…so that i don’t have to reinstall everything.


You can register after installation by running the batch file installSvc.bat located in /support/win32

To register as a service you need to have the following command line:

installSvc reg

You’ll need to make sure that you manually unregister the service prior to uninstalling if you ever upgrade. This can be done by passing the argument unreg to the same batch file.

I used the jmi2, a Java/NT service utility from KCmultimedia, this tool makes it possible to start and stop de B2B server service, while the tool with the B2B service does only start the service. That way you are even able to install the B2B server as a NT cluster server in failover with a shared disk.

Hope this helps

Koen Roskams
PwC Consulting ITS

Hi Koen -
I was trying to implement this item but so far have not been successful. Do you just basically take the contents of the b2bserver4/bin/runserver.bat as a template for how you set up the initialization file for jvmi2.exe (setting up the classpath, etc)? That is the approach I have been trying but I’m not sure the correct settings for some items (ie. the working directory).

With which version of the B2B server have you been successful in setting this up as an NT service? I am using B2B server 4.0.2.

Don Filipchuk
WellPoint Systems Inc.

I have two instances of webMethods on one physical server. Does anyone know how to get both of these loaded to start as a service ?

If I run installsvc.bat a second time, I get an error. If I copy the registery settings and change them to point to the second instance’s directory, it appears that the server tries to launch the FIRST instance when starting the second service.

Any ideas ???