Webmethods as Database

I am working in a new company where the EAI webMethods is use as a message transfer system but also as the main database for the trade application.

Is that suite?

webMethods, the company, offers several products. The so-called “EAI” product is webMethods Broker. I assume that’s what you’re referring to. It is a message broker.

webMethods does not have a database product. Rather, it has adapters that can be used to connect to database products from Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, etc. With these adapters, integration solutions can interact with those databases to read and write data.

What specifically do you mean by “…use…as the main database for the trade application?”

I wonder if he’s talking about Trading Networks and its database (???)

But again it is not Trading Networks database… it is a particular vendor’s databse which is being used by TN.

webMethods doesn’t have any database…

Sorry, I should’ve been a little clearer in my post.

When I said, “its database” as in “TN’s database”, I wasn’t referring to the software meanging of the word “database,” I was referring to database as the actual “collection of data”.

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