Webmethods architecture doubt

What are things which we need to install at branch and central ?? According to my understanding up till now, we install replicated integration server to balance load at branches with adpaters to connect to various resources. Broker is installed in the middle to establish routing of messages. (Does Broker have some specific requirement where it should be installed ??) At central, main integration server is installed which is also connected to resources via adapter.

In other words is there a physical WebMethods product that we need at each branch, or do we just send the written code to each branch? In either case, how does WebMethods handle the replication for patches, upgrades, etc.?

I would really appreciate your comments as soon as possible on the above items.

Thanks for your help

Hi, Anupam.

Could you please give a more clear explanation using concrete examples? I think you are asking a straight-forward question…



I am planning to connect 3rd party vendor product coded in Java using EJB and custom adapter via Integration server and broker(to route messages in publish subscribe model) via WAN netwrok to central integration server which is connected to another resource. Where should I place each product and what should be installed in branch and central ?? I would really appreciate any comments on how should I go about it.

Thanks for your help.

Anupam, webMethods enables you to have a distributed architecture. If we know a bit more about what problem you are trying to solve we can make recommendations. What version of webMethods are you working with ? That will help in our recommendations. Do you have multiple branches of a company communicating with a head office ? If this is true, then you could have a webMethods Integration server installed at each branch communicating with an integration server (hub) at the head-office.
There are a many ways that a 3rd party vendor product can connect to the webMethods Integration platform.
Have a look at the following thread where we discuss the options on communicating from an application server to webMethods:
Personally I have been living and breathing webMethods infrastructure (logical and physical) for quite awhile, so if I know more about your situation I can make some recommendations.

I’m not sure if I answered any of your questions. Please provide more information.




talking abt the webM 6 please clarify my doubt here

A> i have webM installed on “box WM” with broker and other components

B> i have the resource applicaion which i need to integrate like
oracle DB installed on “Box OR”

C> Now the Question is

i need to have JDBC adapter on the resource box which will be “box OR” i hope that is right

if i have integration server and JDBC adapter installed on “box OR” how will i configure the adapter to publish document(Notification) on the broker which is on the “box WM”.

waiting for your replies


With 6, all adapters must be installed in the same WM IS box not in the resource box. Hope I am correct.

You need a broker only if you have multiple IS running and want to publish/subcribe between them, else broker is not mandatory to be configured. The documents can be published locally with out broker. How ever a broker can be installed any box not necessary in the same box of IS.

A broker alias can be configured in the IS admin console if you want to use it for testing.

Hope this helps.