WebMethods: adding EventType Definition to EventTypeStore

I’m trying to enable JMS Adapter polling notifications, so that webMethods flows could be triggered upon arrival of JMS messages. However the notifications cannot be enabled as EventType Definitions are missing in EventTypeStore.

On the attached screenshot a notification is set to enabled, but “Publish Events” cannot be turned on. The error I get is:
[ART.116.3134] Adapter Runtime (Notification): Unable to Enable Publish Event for notification: DbPrismaICDomainJMSNotifRouter.TriggerAndNtf:ntfBusinessException
[ART.116.3139] Adapter Runtime (Notification): EventType Definition doesnt exists in the EventTypeStore for notification : DbPrismaICDomainJMSNotifRouter.TriggerAndNtf:ntfBusinessException.

What I’m trying to find out is how do I add this EventType Definition for an existing document?

Hi Oleg,

Can you provide some more informations please?

Version of webMethods (esp. IS)?
Version of JMS Adapter?
Any applied Fixes to these?
What is your JMS-Provider?

The webMethods JMS Adapter (based on the wM AdapterRunTime) is considered deprecated meanwhile.
Starting with webMethods 7.1 there is Build-In-Functionality for JMS-Connectivity (pub.jms:send for sending and i.e. JMS-Triggers for receiving).
You will find the configuration for the JNDI- and JMS-Aliases under Settings → Messaging in the IS-Admin.

You should consider a migration at least of the JMS part of your application.



We have the same problem with WM9.7. but i want to add that the adapter Notification was created y WM8.2.
and this was migrate to 9.7.

please can you give me your feed back if you are already fexed this issue.

Best Regards.

I faced the same issue. I executed DB script of ISInternal using database configurator and it got resolved.