webMethods Adapter for HL7

Is there an Adapater for HL7?


Has there been any response to this inquiry?

webMethods does not have an adapter for HL7.

Are you interested in the HL7 pipe-delimited flat file format or HL7 2 XML format? I believe there is a company who have imported the HL7 2 XML schemas into webMethods and have some mappings and transforms.

Itemfield has an HL7 adapter (including HL7 v 3.0) which is integrated as a webMethods package.

For more details see http://www.itemfield.com/solutions/sol_health.shtml or email webmethods@itemfield.com.

Is this information still accurate? Do we still partner with Itemfield to integrate their HL7 adapter as a package in 7.0?