Webmethods ACL authentication and JMS client properties

Would it be possible to test the authentication (using ACL) without a broker in the trial version?
If yes, can you please provide us with some details?
Also, would it be possible to indicate what properties need to be set on JMS client side so that it could connect to webmethods with ACL + SSL?

Hi Jad,

which version of webMethods are you planning to use?

When connecting to IntegrationServer or MyWebMethodsServer via HTTPS (SSL/TLS), you will require a server certificate and a truststore which contains the CA that was used to sign the server certificate.
Provide these as a keystore and truststore to the server configuration and configure the HTTPS ports accordingly.
See IS Administrators Guide and MWS Administrators Guide for further information.

If this is a new project running on wM 10.x you should directly plan to use Universal Messaging instead of Broker as Broker is deprecated since wM 9.6 (last Broker version available).
See UM Administration Guide for further information.