Webmethods 601 performance tuning on solaris box

Hi Experts,

Can any body explain me the steps of performance tuning of IS v 6.0.1 on solaris box.



I had an experience with performance tuning on solaris, and ask this question in some other thread too, but I got few answers.
I started practically form zero and got some good results.
Please let me know some more information about your integration project (if you use broker or not etc) in a way I can send you useful information.


Thanks for your quick reply. We have a sandbox environment.
We are using IS v 6.0.1 and we are using broker too.
We upgraded IS 4.6 and 6.0.1, after upgradation I see lot of performance issues. I am thinking we are not configured IS v 6.0.1 properly. I would like to request you send me all information even basic steps of configure and performance tuning the IS v 6.0.1


1Make sure you change the default setting for JAVA_MIN and JAVA_MAX in server.sh file.
2 Change the default descriptor in solaris to 1024 and above