webMethods 6.5 support on 64-bit platforms

We are exploring the option of moving to a 64-bit platform for improving performance of one of our business critical interface.
We are currently using IS6.5 SP2 with Broker 6.5.2, MIS, Manager6.5 and Monitor.

Please share your experiences with wM6.5 support on 64-bit platforms.

I couldnt find a single thread on the advantage website which clearly indicate that wM IS6.5 and all the related products are completely supported on 64-bit platforms.

Any suggestions are highly appreciated!


64-bit support is product-by-product. Current versions of IS and Broker have 64-bit support. You’ll find the “System Requirements” document for each release in the Bookshelf->Cross-Product Information section.

Thanks Mark.

I need to know can we have 2 IS’es in the same cluster with one Node as 64-Bit IS and the other a 32-Bit IS. Can this be a a possibility?

Please advice.

Any suggestions/ideas are highly welcomed!

I have not worked with the new IS 7.1 clustering. You would need to check with WM or simply setup a testbed in a lab and check it out for yourself.

My hunch is that the application would not know or care about what OS the JVM is running on, but you should verify.


Thanks Mark for your response.
I agree with your point that the IS clustering doesnt even care about the underlying OS.
Here is the response that I got from webMethods support "
theoretically it is possible to have a 32-bit and a 64-bit system on a same cluster. But their JVMs would be different.

I’m going to setup a testbed on the lab box to see if this works.
Will update this forum with my findings.

This begs the question: why?