webMethods 6.1 to 7.1 Upgrade

As webMethods 6.1 EOM will end by Dec 31 ’08 and EOS will end by Apr 30 ’09.

We are trying to see what would be the best approach for the upgrade. Should we considering upgrading 6.1 to 6.5 first and then to 7.1. or should we directly upgrade to 7.1

How stable is 7.1?

We have minimal to no major issues with 6.1 currently and we dont want to have major issues if we directly upgrade to 7.1

Any thoughts??


What components? Process Models, TN, Workflow, Clustered IS, Reverse invokes, Broker, etc?

It would likely be an easier path to upgrade to 6.5 for a while, BUT there are things that 7.1 does much better (such as BPM, RI), and depending on your current implementation, it may make much more sense to go straight to 7.1.

Thanks Phil

We use TN, Clustered IS, RI and Broker but we are not using BPM.

Does client incur any additional costs to get wM 7.1 from Software AG if they already have 6.1


Hi Rk

In this situation my recommendation would be to go for the latest solution 7.1.2. I suggest setting up a fresh 7.1.2 IS cluster with the RI and Broker in the same architecture as you had before and then deploying your code out to this new installation. The elements you spoke of should deploy right into the new server without having to “upgrade” your current installation.