WebM Eval SAP Support


I installed WM Eval and SAP Adapeter unzipped after creating package
SAP.But No service realted to SAP are working and giving error no server
found even i gave url of my SAP servers.

When i tried from admin URL there is no SAP link to add SAP server
i want to know whether in evaluation WM can add SAP adapeter and test.
Its very imporantanat to me to take decession on taking WM/Weblogic Integrator


You should have WMPARTNERS package to install the SAP adapter successfully on webMethods6.0.1.Normally, You won’t get WMPARTNERS package with eval copy.


Hi Srini,

I Think ,Now they r giving WMPARTNERS Pack also But i have not installed that.Only classes not loaded while startup is related to partners.I will install WMpartner and try.

Just tell me where exactly i can see SAP in Admin page.
Can i find it after WMParners installation.
Currenly Im able to see 3 ling below adapters DATABASES,EWS,J2EE.
Is this place where i can find SAP link.

And If u have any docs related WMforSAP installation and Connectivity can u pls send to



Hi ,

This is prasad .

I got installed Webmethods IS and WM Partners.
Earlier to WM Partner i also installed SAP Adapter.
But im not able to find SAP link under Adapters heading.
This is Evaluation copy.

How i installed SAP Adapter is.

After installing WM IS
1 . Created SAP package first.
2 . Unzipped SAP Adpater archive in this Packege.
3 . SAP library partially loaded.
4 . Now installed WM Partners
5 . I found all SAP files got successfully loaded while WM startUp.

Still im Not able to find SAP link under Adapters

pls help me on this regard