webm.apps.tasks.monitoring.integration.b2b.transactions.relateddocuments resulted in an error


I am facing some issue in MWS transaction page when I search the transactions. It is throwing multiple errors at once saying “(POP.007.0075) Portlet webm.apps.tasks. monitoring.integration.b2b.transactions.relateddocuments.portlet is not found”.
I tried to add this URL in transaction>properties>general>mechanism under transaction properties. By adding this, error pop-up stopped. But when I try to access related documents for any transaction, it says “Not Found (404) The requested URL /webm.apps.tasks.monitoring.integration.b2b.transactions.relateddocuments resulted in an error.”

Ajay Bhargav. K

Hello Ajay,

POP.007.0075 Portlet “{0}” is not found means the specified portlet is not installed or is disabled in the cluster partition.

Please verify that the portlet application is installed; install if necessary. Check the server logs for any installation errors. Verify that the portlet is enabled in the cluster partition.Share the logs if this doesn’t work

Do let me know in case of any help.

Santhosh Sunkari.


Issue resolved by re-installing portlet.

Ajay Bhargav. K