WebLogic to Enterprise Communication

What’s the recommended way of having WebLogic and Enterprise communicate? Can you just have a bean that connects to the Broker using the BrokerClient API? What if wM needs to call a Bean?

Treat WebLogic just like any other system that you need to integrate with your Systems Integration. In other words, find or build an adapter. I think there is an EJB adapter out there but I am not sure.

Ideally there would be a JMS implementation for webMethods Enterprise Server. If this is the case, then you should be able to configure the container to correctly invoke a Message EJB.

However, I don’t think there is a JMS implementation for wM ES. Anyone out there that can confirm or deny???

The second option would be to find (or build) an EJB adapter. The EJB adapter would receive documents and then invoke a Session EJB method.

As to communication from an EJB to the broker you could communicate directly with the broker or more appropriately communicate with the adapter which in turn communicates with the broker. In the latter case the question is how to communicate with the adapter. I suppose IIOP would be the best option.

Anyone else have any good suggestions?


You might want to examine this - the third paragraph of the press release:


Enterprise 5.0 is a JMS provider.

The webMethods Enterprise Server products now includes a JMS API. This implementation allows the Broker to act as a JMS Provider for customers wishing to implement their own JMS clients that are written in accordance with the JMS API. The Enterprise JMS Provider will enable the Enterprise Broker to provide JMS compliant, publish/subscribe and point-to-point style message transport services to J2EE-hosted JMS clients.

The Enterprise JMS Provider is supported on the following application servers:

· BEA WebLogic Server v6.1
· IBM WebSphere Application Server v4.0
· iPlanet Application Server v6.0

Also offered is wM offers a JMS adapter for interaction with other JMS providers.

JCA support has been announced (wM and BEA did some press releases some time ago) but nothing seems to be available yet. Check with your wM rep.

A few people in this forum have used the wM EJB adapter to connect. Perhaps they can chime in. (Dan??).

There is a FAQ on Advantage that may be of interest. webMethods_and_J2EE_-_FAQ.pdf

Thanks for thinking of me, Rob, but my EJB integration experience is using Borland AppServer and on Integration Server.

I found that to be very simple so if using IS is an option, I’d say take that route. The GUI is very clean and errors are easy to manage. Plus. most of the Flow is written for you, complete with TRY-CATCH blocks.

Hope this helps.