Webemthod Features


We are evaluating Webmethods against Mulesoft for one of our clients and I am trying to get answers for following questions quickly … can anyone please tell me:

  • API Design - what IDE, online tools/platform - does it support RAML/Swagger/Other - how it integrates into IDE - similar to what is now Design Center

  • Developer IDE - what tools/frameworks are used to develop the code modeled in the API design stage - comparable to Anypoint studio - does it integrate with the API Designer

  • Connectors - What OOTB connectors are supported - where is the library - how many etc

  • Runtime - what runtime configurations are supported - On Premise/Cloud/Hybrid - what is the runtime setup - how to configure - licensing etc?

  • Runtime Maagement - What deployment and runtime management tools do they have (comparable to Mule Runtime Manager)

  • API Management - what options do they have for policy management / OAuth/SSO Integration, versioning APIs etc - similar to Mule API Manager

Hi Charles,
I recommend your look up the official Software AG documentation. Hope that helps.