Web Services with Siebel

We are in UAT with several integrations using Web Services (Consumer) with Siebel. We have noticed that when there are a lot of requests to Siebel, webMethods receives intermittent failures from Siebel:

  • java.net.SocketException: Connection reset at wm.server.ws.wsHTTP

  • HTTP Error: 400 - Bad Request

  • HTTP Error: 500 - Internal Server Error

    My question is, has anyone else experienced similiar intermittent failures from Web Service Requests to Siebel, and what how did you reslove it ??

Thanks for any help that can be provided.
David K.

We have experienced such behavior. It is due to overrunning the SOAP processing components in Siebel. The way we worked around it is to use the Siebel adapter to interact with Siebel.

Thanks Reamon. Unfortunately, the project that I’m is to convert the legacy Tibco Integrations to webMethods without changing the end-point applications (MfgPro/Siebel). The existing integration is done via Web Services, so I have to replicate that.

Anybody have any other ideas ??

You wouldn’t need to change Siebel. It would all be work on IS.

Another possible way to throttle the number of concurrent calls to Siebel would be to use a Broker queue, IS trigger and publishAndWait. Configure the trigger with a max number of threads to something that Siebel can handle.

Design currently is using Broker pub-sub. Trigger is set to serial, not concurrent, so at any one time Siebel is only handling one Web Service request at a time. And we are still experiencing Connection Resets and HTTP 400.

Have come to the realisation that the HTTP 500’s were due to the Siebel guys dropping their QA environment without informing me.

Does anyone know what would cause the Connection Reset errors ??

Cheers & Beers,
David K