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I need to create a webservice (WSDL) SOAP MSG, also need to consume WSDL from remote system. What are the steps involved to develop a simple service. I am bit unclear with “register”, required parameters, etc. I appreciate if some one can share with simple steps to create WSDL (including all neccessary parameters) also use a WSDL to create Connector…



There are many, many messages in the “SOA Service Development” forum related to your questions. Have a look at the “sticky” threads first, then read through the other posts. After that, if you still have questions, feel free to post them here.


can any one help me in doing soapmsg can any one send me a slide of doing this or screenshots or explain the flow in detail

Have you read through the SOAP Developer’s Guide? It is located in the the doc/guides directory of your Developer installation.

sir thanks for your reply but i have not found the document which you have said it at the specified location
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You can download it from Advantage if it was not part of your Developer install.

sir can u send me the link where i can download the document and please send me the document if you have bye
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i am sending u my mail id saradhi_koganti@yahoo.com or please send in the link
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I cannot send the document. Documentation can only be obtained from webMethods. Go to the Bookshelf on Advantage and you will find the document. Or you can do a search on Advantage for “SOAP Guide” and it should return a link.