Web Services in Webmethod

I need some help guys… I am very very new guy to Webmethods.

The task I have been given is to publish a web service using another web service (say service A) running on another server. This is a simple " Say Hello" web server.
Using Service Deployment perspective under eclipse, I created a new package.
Using New → Web service descriptor → Select option (Provider), web service source (Exisitng WSDL service A) → Gave WSDL url of other web service running → finish

I even gave ACL permissions to anonymous.
I got wsdl url as well, but when I try to consume this service through SOAP UI, I get SOAP body but empty. Web service doesn’t return the “hello world” message as expected. But when I consume service A directly it works.

I am in real mess. I don’t know how to achieve this. I didn’t find any tutorial online. Did I miss something. Please help!