Web Services generation


I am kinda new to web services as such but have worked on webMethods 4.6 for a while now. Is there a quick guide anywhere which explains web services in general and how do we publish a webMethods service as a web service. From what i understand web services usually need UDDI and data goes as SOAP messages. Is there a parallel here ? Or if not, any pointers as to who i can relate both.


Hi Radhika,

Please go thru the following guide , which will give you complete understanding of webServices.


If you still need more info to create a webService…please let me know I do give you the steps to create a simple test webService.


Hi GV,

Thanks for the input. The next problem is that i do not have webMethods 6.0. I have 4.6 which does not have this pdf. Can you send it across to me ?
I will try and go through this by tomm and if i have any clarifications, i can get back to you.
Thanks a lot.
You can directly send me the pdf at radhika.shekar@wipro.com


Since it isn’t legal to pass around parts of any commercial software product, how about getting the docs from webMethods Advantage?

Both the WebServices Guide and the Soap Developers Guide can be found at:

Yes Radhika, what Fred was saying is true.

Please go thru the advantage site and you will get all the documentation.

Please let me know, If you have any technical problems.


Thanks a lot guys. I have downloaded the pdf and will go thru it.



Regarding webServices realtime info…In the Advantage website browse under Forums/webServices threads section …where you can get a better sketch with FAQs,troubleShootings etc… related to it.



Here is webServices Generation tutorial…



Hi, I hope anyone can help.
A partner of ours is trying to call my webservice, but I only get this error:
2004-04-29 16:02:53 GMT+02:00 [ISC.0088.0001E] SOAPException: [ISS.0088.9134] Exception occurred while processing the body o
f the message.

When I set this debug level of the integration server to 10, I also noticed the follwing entry.
4-04-29 16:02:53 GMT+02:00 [ISS.0015.0004V4] Service Pre_Campaign_Process.iGrade:receiveCampaignData failed ACL access ch
ing for user Default

But I use the Administrator account from the client’s side, so I don’t know how ACL’s can be an issue.
The client is using my WSDL file and generated code in a .net framework. It seems to me that there is an authorization problem. Where can I get sample code for c-sharp calling a webMethods webservice?

Hmmm. Is the .Net web services client setting the realm to “webMethods”?


Dear Mark

I am also getting a similar error .My client is using .NET .When I set the ACL to anonymous it is working fine ,but when I change the ACL settings it is throwing the error

[ISC.0088.0001E] SOAPException: [ISS.0088.9134] Exception occurred while processing the body o
f the message.

Can you please elaborate where exactly this needs to be the “realm to webMethods” .DO we need to do any changes or customization on webMethods side for authenticating .NET clients

Is your server accepting Basic Authentication? How are your credentials being passed from your webMethods client to your .Net web service? Unless your client can pass NTLM credentials the only option you have is to use Basic Authentication. That is, until both platforms support the new WS-Security model for web services.


Changing to Anonymous is a temporary resolution,Actually using the ISAdminConsole webpage look under the Security/ACLs link and here create an ACL for that .Net user that is invoking your service.

If you are not clear on this settings,then please go thru the ISAdministratorUserguide and search for ACL section.


I don’t have Visual Studio .Net on my workstation, but a few Google searches turned up the following C# code that might give you some help:

[quote] NetworkCredential* myCred = new NetworkCredential( SecurelyStoredUserName,SecurelyStoredPassword,SecurelyStoredDomain); CredentialCache* myCache = new CredentialCache(); myCache->Add(new Uri(S"[url="http://www.contoso.com"]www.contoso.com[/url]"), S"Basic", myCred); myCache->Add(new Uri(S"app.contoso.com"), S"Basic", myCred); WebRequest* wr = WebRequest::Create(S"[url="http://www.contoso.com"]www.contoso.com[/url]"); wr->Credentials = myCache; [/quote]

See the online .Net documentation for more details.


Oops, the code I posted was for C++ not C#. Here’s the C# equivalent:

[quote] NetworkCredential myCred = new NetworkCredential( SecurelyStoredUserName,SecurelyStoredPassword,SecurelyStoredDomain);

CredentialCache myCache = new CredentialCache();

myCache.Add(new Uri(“www.contoso.com”), “Basic”, myCred);
myCache.Add(new Uri(“app.contoso.com”), “Basic”, myCred);

WebRequest wr = WebRequest.Create(“www.contoso.com”);
wr.Credentials = myCache;