Web Services and RI

Is it possible to set up Reverse Invoke Server and still support a synchronous web service via Reverse Invoke Server.

In other words. Let us suppose, I’ve a Reverse Invoke IS in DMZ called ‘A’ and another IS Server behind the inner firewall ‘B’ is registered with ‘A’. The IS Server behind the firewall exposes a web service. This web service is a Synchronous Document Request/Reply Service.

Is it possible to expose this web service via the reverse Invoke web Methods IS to outer world.? What are the additional things I should keep in mind in such a case?

Thanks in advance


Exposing a synchronous web service via ReverseInvoke should be no different than exposing any other synchronous service. If your invoked service is long-running you may run into timeout issues if your RI timeouts are set too low. You also need to be aware of the RI connection behavior for the version of IS that you are using. Search here on WMUsers for more details.