web service invoke

Hi All,

I’ve a created a web service in Dev system. I’ve created the webservice connector in test system. When i execute the connector, i’m getting correct results.

Problem is when i execute same service in Dev from production by creating the webservice connector, i’m getting invalid credentials error.

I’ve given the user name, password everything correctly. Do we need to set up anything to execute webservices between servers?

What is the error you are receiving when attempting to invoke your dev web service from prod? Are you sure that you have the correct URL and that the prod server has connectivity to the dev server?



Thanks for the reply.
what sort of connectivity settings needed for the service invoke. I’m not sure about that. Can you please explain that. Do we need to add the target server as a remote server in production? Please clarify.

I repeat


It says invalid address. I checked the address and it is correct. Please advice.

My advice is that the address is invalid or is not reachable from that server. Get someone who understands your network to assist you.


Thanks a lot for the reply. Issue has been resolved. Problem is at the network level connectivity.