Web Service for Crystal Xcelsius

I am having an issue trying to create a simple proof of concept web service in webMethods 7.1 to be consumed by Crystal Xcelsius dashboard tool. I have successfully used Xcelsius with web services I have found on the web but I cannot get it to work with web services created in webMethods and I have even tried to get it to work with the sample services found in the WmSOAPSamples package.

Here is the issue: When I invoke the web service from Xcelsius, the webMethods flow service is successfully run but the output from the web service is not displayed in Xcelsius. If I manually step through the flow service using data restored from the pipeline, I can see that the parameters are getting to the service from Xcelsius, and the service is creating a response. Also, I have noticed that if I modify the flow service to not produce the expected response structure, then Xcelsius throws an error 2032. This tells me that Xcelsius is seeing the response structure being returned but does not see the contents of the response.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Roger