web service enabling an existing flow service


I have an existing flow service which publishes an update to a remote system for a db update.

I now want to expose this service as a web service (SOAP-MSG) and am hitting various problems along the way depending on the approach I take. I have looked at the various examples posted on the site and they all seem to assume that the document is not a publishable document.

Is it possible to web service enable an existing flow service that uses publishable documents or do I have to wrap the existing flow service with another service or is it not possible

Thanks in advance for any advice offered


There are several approaches to this. For me, I’m a fan of wrapper services. I like Web Services that delegate the work to other services. In this case a simple doc/literal service that maps your incoming soap message to your pub doc and publishes it. Simple and you don’t have to worry about your implementation accidently breaking your public interface.

You can also go the route of a custom soap processer. Mark C and others have posted how to create those. There is a sticky note here in this forum that goes into a lot of detail.

Wrapper service is the way to go. Don’t expose a publishable doc type as the input to a web service operation. No external client should ever need to send or receive the internal _env document.


Thanks for the advice.