Web service descriptor in 8.2

I need some insight on difference between end point address and traget name space in 8.2 version. From the documentation I learnt that Endpoint specifies the address at which the Web service can be invoked (Which means partners will use this address to invoke web serivce?) and Target name space says In the generated WSDL document, the elements, attributes, and type definitions will belong to this namespace (does this means it refers to elements that I am using in the webservice like doc types and other flow services and partners have nothing to do with this?). I want to understand what URL will client be using to invoke my webservice? Can someone explain the right values for these fields? I dont want to expose the URL of my server which is internal to DMZ. :confused:

IF you have dmz setup then you can give the proxy:port (Gateway External HTTP/S that connects to Registration Internal) URL path which invoke the internal service WS or yes give the end point (consumer/provider) if you configured that your web service can be invoked…

Also every thing is part of the WSDL that you have shared with your partner/customer isn’t?


The endpoint and namespaces have nothing to do with each other.

Search the web for introductory material on namespaces and what they are for.