web service connector


I have one wsdl and have 10 different interfaces sending data to one target system . What if I create 10 connectors using the same WSDL and use one in each 10 different packages.

I know it is not the good practice to use like that. It is good to put that connector in a Shared folder and use it where ever required.

But I want to know what is the impact if I create 10 coneectors using same wsdl?

Thanks in Advance,

A connector is just a flow service. You would be creating redundant copies of the same Flow service. They would all work, but you’d need to make changes in ten places.

Sounds like a Bad Idea to me.

There would be some small impact to memory usage, as all ten connectors would be loaded into IS memory at start.

Not much impact to other physical resources of the IS (disk, threads, etc).

However, as Mark points out, the big impact is maintenance. If you create 10 redundant copies of something, that’s ten individual places you have to go to fix or update.

I agree: Bad Idea.