web dav

is the web dav support / examples exist out there?

Basically I want to be able to make a content portlet or page and it would show articles from newest to oldest but the administrator would be able to drag and drop articles into the page/portlet? Is this as straight forward as I describe it

In general - I followed this tutorial to be able to get files to be able to upload. How do I get a handle/association to that file so I can display it in a portlet w/ a description. Thanks

For upload purposes both webdav and the ftp folders are a good option. When you want to implement a portlet to display the contents of those folders you can use an OOB portlet like the folderview portlet.

If you decide that you want to use a custom portlet then one of the easiest choices would be to use the Attachments Control. However, if you want to iterate over the contents of the folder and display the items in a custom manner, then you’ll want to use the PortalContainerModel and PortalItemModel with javadocs here: http://ajax-softwareag.com/articles/Y4LCDN/Caf-7-1-1JavaDocs/com/webmethods/caf/faces/data/portal/package-summary.html

In all these cases, you’ll configure the FolderViewPortlet|AttachmentsControl|PortalContainerModel to have the same id as the webdav|ftp folder.

Hope this helps.

What is the oob folderview portlet formal path are you referring to?

You can edit a page in MWS, add a FolderView Portlet (Content Management → Folder View) and change the “Folder” property to be what ever folder you want in the system.

Thanks - that works out pretty well. I guess I need to look at how to design this between the folder view / publish.

Is there a clean way to display comments related to something in folder view - something to show a description about the folder files themselves

That’s what the description is for, but common webdav and ftp clients don’t have any user friendly way of publishing the description. They typically only allow you to perform common file operations, but not edit any metadata. To add a description, you’ll need to use the MWS UI or create a custom client.