Way to Publish the Document to Broker

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Could you please tell me what are the ways to publish the document to Broker. One I know is publish-subscribe. Is there any other way ??:confused:

Pub-Sub is the only way used in EAI model to synchronize the Documents

The terminology used in the posts is a bit confusing.

The Broker supports the publishing of documents via different programming languages. You use the Broker libraries for the programming language of your choice to publish documents. Java. C/C++. .Net. Others.

Integration Server provides services to “publish a document.” The IS documentation covers these.

“Publish-subscribe” is more of an overall concept than a “way to publish a document to Broker.” A subscriber registers with Broker to establish a queue (or in Broker terms, a “client”) and optionally subscribes to one or more document types.

A data producer, or “publisher”, will use the Broker libaries to send documents to Broker. Or one can create a service in IS that calls the built-in services IS provides to send documents to Broker. What Broker does with the document depends upon the specifics of the call that the provider makes and on the subscribers.

The IS documentation covers all of this quite nicely.