watt.adapter.JDBC.UsePlainString Key

I have enabled Trace logging for JDBC adapter and I see a lot of these messages:
[293513]2014-02-18 12:19:23 CST [ADA.0001.0115T] Info: “watt.adapter.JDBC.UsePlainString is set to = false”

What exactly does “watt.adapter.JDBC.UsePlainString” represent? I searched in forums and wM 8 documentation but could not get.

when you trace, you will see many internal loggings, unless it concerns you, you probably don’t need to know.
I guess that line referring to the way the SQL command to be passed to the server.
If you think it causing issue or certain unexpected behavior, open ticket with SAG.

Also you see those internal messages in the logs unless you have bumped up the logging level (Trace or Debug) under the Server logger…can you check that settings also?



My wild guess, what I got to know while working in Spring and Hibernate:

SQL is preferred language to access the data but you can use plain text as well. There might be a parameter to set in JDBC of webMethods to switch between plain text and SQL, depending upon the RDBMS.