Want to open Integration Server admin page in different machine in sme network

Hi All,
I have installed webMethods on one server, when i open the IS admin page in the same system where i installed it by using http://localhost:5555 its opening fine but if i try to open it by using http://ipaddress:5555 its not opening properly same time if i want to open it from other system in same netwok its not opening. Please suggest me what to do, also if want to open it using a particular url in a network (example intead of http://localhost:5555 i want to open it as http://akpandy:5555 ). Then what i have to do to achieve this .

waiting for reply

If you are in same network and accessing the IS through different system then it will open up easily through http://ipaddress:5555/. check the network settings are the ports open for access globally?

check the following stuff on IS.
Port IP Access Settings Access Type Global (Allow by Default*)

If you want to open it up by using yourname:port number then provide the logical name to the box as yourname. then try it will work.

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