Want to Invoke an IS webservice from CAF and write the CAF user to Integration server Audit DB


I am trying to invoke an IS web service using CAF portlet.

But when I invoke from the portlet , the IS service is getting invoked with Administrator user id.

I want to invoke the service with the same user on which I am executing the portlet so that I can see who has taken the action.

I am able to invoke the service but struggling with the 2nd part.

Any help is appreciated.



In CAF, for each service, you may provide the “authentication info”, which imho it’s not recomended when you deal with multiple environments. Instead, pass the user id as a parameter to the service.


Trying setting your Web Service Connector’s authentication info to use “hybrid” (type 3) authenitication. This will use SAML for web service Single Sign On.

You’ll need to make sure that IS properly configured for SAML. There is an older Tech Note link below that is a bit dated, but covers the subject pretty well. One major difference is that the SAML Revoler URL is now in the Resources category of the IS admin pages.