Want to get scheduler service names from document types automatically by creating flow/java service


I want to get scheduler service names from document types automatically from the output of a flow/java service. How can I do that . Please help


Hi Victor,

which wM Version are you using?

Can you describe your requirement a bit more in detail, please?

Which information is stored where and should be available where?


Explore WmPublic if you find some services else explore WmRoot (at your own risk)

Also can you rephrase your question please?

Hi ,

I am using webMethods version 9.5.

My requirement is as below:-

We have specific document type names with which records are being entered into a specific external database table with columns as source,target systems, root context id ,CLOB record (which is a XML payload ) , sequence id and the document type name. This table is used for transaction handling for specific interfaces where mws/TN is not used in practice . A ui page has been made where the consolidated record count for a particular unique combination is being displayed. With the help of scheduler services we are retrieving the specific records from the database table with the unique identifier combinations for (sourceSystem, targetSystem root context id and document type name ) at a particular frequency.

The requirement is to show which document type name belongs to which scheduler and the corresponding scheduler details such as last run time, frequency, whether suspended,disabled or running state etc.

Hence my question is that → Is there any built in service which can do this job or whether can we write our own java service/ flow service to do the job ,if so what all built in services/components of webMethods can we leverage. Please let me know.


Can you have a look at pub.scheduler:* services and explore. I am sure this should help you with your requirement. If not we can think of exploring WmRoot or writing java services.