Waiting Time for Document Receive Problem in Clustered environment.

Hi all,
We have a scenario, where we have a service which should start the timer and waits for a document to arrive from other service.
Firstly we planned for publishAndwait and reply combination, but reply doc is always a volatile doc. So doesnt suite.
Secondly, we decided to use the sync: notify and wait services. But since they store the doc in jvm, they wont work in clustered environment.
Thirdly we planned to use triggers, but we need to invoke a exception handling service after join condition expires.

We are running out of ideas, Kindly help us to solve this.


You’ve listed the conclusions/approaches that you think will work but you’ve not described what you are trying to do. If you can explain the high-level steps desired, omitting the technical approach, we may be able to figure out a way to do what you need.

As mentioned in the other thread, a reply doc being volatile is not a problem. It shouldn’t be guaranteed.