Viewing Centrasite from Visual Studio

I have installed Centrasite Community Edition and am trying to browse the UDDI from Visual Studio. Visual Studio returns the following error when I choose “Add Web Reference” and point it at Centrasite.

“The document at the url http://localhost:53307/UddiRegistry/inquiry was not recognized as a known document”

I am able to view the CentraSite UDDI from other prodcuts such as Tibco and StrikeIron so I know it is setup correct. Does anyone know what the issue is with Visual Studio not able to query Centrasite?

Thanks, Ken

Hi, I am also trying to use visual studio to view CentralSite CE UDDI…without writing program etc.


the add web reference feature in Visual Studio is not using UDDI cause there is no direct UDDI support in VS any more. Please point it to http://:53307/PluggableUI/servlet/StartCISPage?PAGEURL=/PluggableUI/Login.html which is the normal login page of CentraSite. Then after login navigate to the service you want, if you open the summary profile then VS should detect the wsdl link for import.