Viewing and analysing data using document tracker

I have a production issue whereby i need to capture documents from source to target using document tracker. However, doc tracker could not save it as txt file. Further i do not know how to use the filter condition to filter only certain fields in the document message. i’m using 4.2 doc tracker. Can anyone help ?


Document tracker saves the document in it’s own format. As far as I know there is no option available to export the document in text file.

For the filters, check if there any Filter column under subscription tab. If it is you can set the filter by clicking the Filter column correponds to the fileld.

As an alternative to the document tracker. It takes only few mins to write a simple Java program using the Broker APIs, connect to the broker and subscribe to the documents you need. As for filters, you can simply use the BrokerSubscription instantiation for the BrokerClient and include the filters as Strings (eg. “field1 == “Some Value””). From the established broker client you can get events and write them to a flat file as text (BrokerEvent.toString()).

Hope this helps.

Thanks. Will attempt to use Broker API’s. WIll update once done.