Very Urgent broker Storage error

Hi all,
Environment:Enterprise integrator 4.6
System; UNIX, HP-UX
All the integration folders inside the Development environment vanished overnight and when I try to import the component from another enviornment it wont import the files saying that the files of that name already exists. However it doesn’t show up in the EI window and the dev environment is not working atall. Once it gave the broker storage error, so I checked the broker statistics and fortunately have enogh memory available(see the statistics below). Can the log file be a problem (Broker.qs.log is 34MB in size)?? Do I have to add a new log file?? if yes: how do I perform the operation. Please help as soon as possible.

Guaranteed Storage Facility #1

URL: qs:///webMethods/DATA/Broker.qs

Total Storage (all files) 

    Space Reserved: 768.00 MB 

    Space Used: 36.15 MB 

    Maximum Space Available: 768.00 MB 

Breakdown (by file) 

    File: /webMethods/DATA/Broker.qs.stor 

        Space Reserved: 512.00 MB 

        Space Used: 15.79 MB 

        Maximum Space Available: 512.00 MB 

    File: /webMethods/DATA/Broker2.qs.stor 

        Space Reserved: 256.00 MB 

        Space Used: 20.37 MB 

        Maximum Space Available: 256.00 MB