Version control using webmethods

Hi all,

I am investigating options for version control with webMethods.

I have configured IS 6.5 and developer to use the Version Control Feature provided by webMethods.

My experience hasnt been great. I have found the Developer to behave erratic. The behaviour isnt always as expected.

For example, at times it doesnt allow you to check out files. It keeps throwing errors. Have to manually check the files out using the VSS client. Then check out from the developer. Also, it throws an error when you add a new service and doesnt allow you to rename it. However, this service gets added to the VSS.

Is anybody using this feature of webMethods? Can you please share your experience? I need to decide if we can use this feature.

Thanks for your help

Hi Rita,

     I've not used that feature.. Instead, we use clearcase for version control in our project.. 've you tried VCS? I've not.. But I heard that it is good..

How are you using CC considering it is not supported yet?