Version Control Best Practices


We are starting refactoring a web method project and the current project is not using any version control system.

I’m looking for a reference document on how to set up the code repository (SVN) fro webmethods using best practices.
We already have the repository hooked up to our dev environment, we are just looking for good practices on the structure of the repo.
We want to have the trunk as a reflection of the current prod and multiple development lines.
The repository should also allow us to set up continuous integration as a next step.

I know this question is quite open but If someone has some recommendations, that would help us a lot!



I know of two products which might interest you: Ferrologic CI and CrossVista TEAM.

Both allow you to design a development strategy similar to what you described, with different sets of complexity and flexibility.

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Hi Alex,

which version of wM are you running on?

When you are on one of the recent versions you might want to explore Local Service Development, by which Designer is able to check in the code to Subversion by using Eclipse plugins.
You can choose between Subclipse and Subversive.


Hi Holger, we are currently on 6.5 and we are migrating to 9.9 with 2 steps: 8.5 and 9.2

We are planning to have 4 dev branch, 6.5, 8.5, 9.2, 9.9 and create tag (ex VMVersion/code) on the trunk each time we have a new production ready version.

Tank you Gerardo for the links.


This thread may be of interest:

Thank you Percio, I think this is what I was looking for :slight_smile:


Hi Alex,

I think you have mixed up the versions:
Instead of wM 8.5 and 9.2 it should be 8.2 and 9.5.

Migration path sounds reasonable so far.
You might want to check if migrating to 9.10 or 9.12 might be an option instead of migrating to 9.9.

Please make sure to read the Upgrade documentations for each version carefully as there are several pitfalls.
Taking a look at the different Build-In-Services Guides might be helpful as well to check for deprecated services etc.


Yes you’re right 8.2 then 9.8 and finally 9.9, sorry pretty new to the product :slight_smile: