Variable creation in a DSP

Documentation gives the following API call for fetching the package name.

public static java.lang.String getPackageName(Values input)
Given the input Values, returns the name of the current package directory.

getPackageName() fails when invoked without parameters.

Could anyone give some hint on what needs to be passed in the Values input???

Thanks in advance

Ooops Wrong subject !!!

Should have been getPackageName API Call

Bhavani Shankar

How to use the getPackageName() without any value. I just want to know the package name where my service will run. Any Idea.

do NSService.getPackage() to get the package name.


If my previous post is cryptic, do this to get the package name


Use this at your own risk.

Being inquisitive, why do you want to know of the package name? for debug info??