Variable contents gets converted to null


I have a service that collects all the errors from validate and concatenates them into string emailBody. I then pass emailBody to my sendMail service. When I check the contents of emailBody prior to stepping into sendMail it has the right contents but as soon as I step into sendMail before anything gets executed in in sendMail the contents of emailBody is now null.

Any ideas?


ps. It’s great to have this community back! Way to go Dan!

Can you share some detail about your sendMail service? What are the parameters and their types? Seems strange…


sendMail just invokes pub.client.smtp.
emailBody gets mapped to body
both variables are strings.

It is indeed strange. I dropped the link and remapped and it worked. But what was strange is that it goes to null first and then gets populated.
I thinking I may have a conflict somewhere. Will investigate further tomorrow.