Variable buffers and NAT7545 under Com-plete

I’d like to better understand the conditions that lead to NAT7545 errors under Com-plete.

Apparently when a buffer (e.g., datsize or xarrays) is to be expanded dynamically, Natural has to allocate the new larger space before releasing the current space, so for a period you need access to twice the space you really need.

Can anyone detail the process involved in buffer expansion? When temporary space is required, is it requested from within the COM thread but outside the NAT thread, or is it outside the user’s COM thread altogether? Is it inside the COM THSIZEABOVE space, but outside the NAT/NCF NTHSIZE space?


Not sure if the Natural experts are watching the Complete forum.

From a Complete perspective, AFAIK, Natural does not obtain any memory on top of NTHSIZE, so this must be configured big enough to hold both the old and the new instance of a variable being resized.

Thanks, Steffen. I’ll cross-post in a Natural forum then.