Vaildation documents in the Broker

Hi All

Iam New to webMethods could if any body explains how the Validation is
Done in the broker whether the document is Valid or not.
For Example when I publish a document to the broker how come the broker validates whether it is valid Document or Not.

Thanks in Advance

Dear Sreekanth,
When you create a Document Type in IS and if you are using Broker , the Broker keeps a copy of that Document.Any changes made to the Document on IS needs to be synced with the Broker.When you publish that Document to Broker it validates it against that document.


Puneet Verma

Thanks a lot Puneet verma…


Hi puneet,

Yes i agree with you that broker validates the document against the document type. But when you open that document type and see the properties there we see validation “none” what is that mean ?

what does that validation refers to ? and how can we make use of it ?