UUID Generation


I need to know the logic behind ‘com.wm.util.text.UUID.generate()’. I was not able to find that in the Java API reference. Can some one help me to find this out?


I think you’d have to ask wM for the details. They probably won’t provide them though, since this class and method are not public and not intended for our use. But it may be worth asking.

If there were some way you could look at the source code you might be able to determine exactly what it does. :wink:

Might I inquire about the need to know?

I don’t think it’s anything too complicated-- just based off the current time.

If it were only based on the current time and nothing else, then it wouldn’t take much to generate duplicate uuid values. Typically, uuid or guid algorithms use some portion of the machine’s MAC address to ensure uniqueness as mac addresses are supposedly guaranteed to be unique themselves.

So, thanks for your post, but it would seem to be just speculation.


Agreed with Mark. It’s not just time based, which is dangerous. I believe it’s based on IETF RFC specification.


Thanks for the link. I have note read that before.


Yeah… I read that too… just want to know which of those algorithms is used in wm. guess that is not possible:) Anyways, thanks guys!