USR2021N & Complete


I want to find the way, how to connect sequential z/OS dataset to the on-line Natural program under Complete.
I have tried to use the user xit USR2021N, but after the program run, the data set browser under IBM ISPF shows 0 percent file usage. The on-line Natural program under Complete and batch PL/I program under TSO read the file without problems. Is there under Complete a posibility, to connect, read and write something to sequential data set ?

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This topic has been (partially) discussed in this post:

Thank you.
Should I write in my workfile some “special bytes” e.g. end of record, end of file.
Will it help me to divide artifically the stream of bites ?
I want to see something more under ISPF browser, not only message “Empty data set or member”, but content of browsed data set.
Should I change any params in Natural Profile or in Complete settings ?

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I have very similar problem as you had - did (and how) you manage to solve it ?