Using URL Aliases in webMethods API Gateway

This article gives an overview of the usage of URL aliases as templates inside webMethods API Gateway.


  1. You must have an active webMethods API Gateway tenant.
  2. You must have a REST API hosted on your webMethods API Gateway tenant.


The procedure is split into two sections. The first section showcases how you can configure aliases for you APIs on API Gateway. The second section shows you how to invoke your APIs with your configured aliases using Postman.

A. Setting up alias in your API Gateway Cloud tenant

  1. Login to your webMethods API Gateway tenant

  2. Go to ‘APIs’ and select existing API

  3. On the screen shown below, we need to copy two details
    3.1. Part of the Gateway URL endpoint that you want to replace with an alias, and
    3.2 .A resource path with which you want to invoke

  4. Go to ‘Administration’ under your profile

  5. Go to ‘URL Aliases > Add URL Alias’

Here, the following details need to be entered

a. Name – the name of your alias 

b. Default URL Path – your Gateway URL endpoint + / + resource path 

c. Package – select the default package 

Click ‘Save’ to save your application

B. Testing your API

Below are two snapshots that demonstrate the invocation of your API endpoint both with and without URL alias.

Without using alias

Here, ‘’ is our default gateway URL endpoint and ‘’/employees is our resource path

Using alias

Here, ‘’ is our custom endpoint using the URL alias that we had created above.