Using third party classes in JavaServices


I’m facing a problem in using third party classes in java Services.
The detailed description about the problem is like this, I have one class inside a jar file. I put that jar file in Integrationserver/packages/Default/jars and restarted the server. After that i created a java service under Default package, and tried to import that class to my javaservice. But it is giving an error like class not found for that class in my jar.

Could you plese give me any details about how to solve this problem or how to use thirdparty classes in javaservices.

Thanks & regards

Hi, Bindu. There was a good discussion on this topic a little while ago. Check out [url=“”] for more details.

The discussion centers around using third-party Jars and deploying them to a new environment without having to restart the Integration Server. This is a valuable trick to know when upgrading your IS in Production.

If you have specific questions, be sure to ask them.

Hi Dan,

Thank you for your kind help.

But my question was basically about whete to put third party .jar files inorder to use then in your java services.

I got solution for it, and the conclusion is as follows:

  1. To use a third party class in any package you have to give the .jar file inside server/packages/your package/code/jars. In this case those classes will be available only for the services of that specific package but the advantage of doing like this is that the .jar file will be hotdeployed.

  2. If you want to make a .jar file available for all the packages you have to give it inside server/lib/jars folder. But the .jar files present in this folder will not be hotdeployed.

  3. . class files can be given directly under server/packages/your package/code/classes folder. This class file will be available only for that particular package.