Using the "/" as a divide operator in Quip expression

Hi All,

I’m pretty new to the use of the Quip processor and I have the following question: “How to I calculate a ratio in the quip result-clause”?

This is what I am trying to achieve - asserting a growth percentage - and it may very well be the wrong way to go about it.

element var1 {attribute numericContext {$var1cContext/@id} , $var1c},
element var2 {attribute numericContext {$var1pContext/@id} , $var1p},
element result {attribute numericContext {$nc/@id} , (((($var1c - $var1p) / $var1c )* 100 ) ge 91)}

This should return [false] but it return [true]. If I change the expression into:

element result {attribute numericContext {$nc/@id} , (((($var1c - $var1p))))}

the reslt is computed crrectly:


Deze berekening is correct. It seems the problem occurs when I introduce the divide-operator:

element result {attribute numericContext {$nc/@id} , (((($var1c - $var1p) / 100 )))}

returns as a result:


WIth a simple division the result is the same, the number folowing the “/” is returned as the result.

Any one to shed some light on this - and hopefully tell me I’m doing something wrong. I need this to work.

Thanks for your time:

Raynier van Egmond
C3i Strategic Management Consulting LLC
Seattle (WA) 98070

Answered my own question :wink: “Use the div operator” Sorry for wasting the bandwidth.